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Washington Music Video Director, Washington Music Video Company

This article is about us being a “Washington Music Video Company” and “Washington Videographer”. Also it’s about our experience filming a music video with Steven Sharer the Global Youtube Star.
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Washington Music Video Company

Embarking on the music video director path provides you with immense travel opportunities to an array of locations that you may have never previously considered. Even within the United States, the career gives you reason to explore major cities and landmarks across the country. Based in Washington State, our Washington Music Video Company occasionally pops up in a Google Search by artists in Washington D.C. Pictured below was one of our two adventures to Washington D.C. to shoot with YouTube sensation, Steven Sharer. The brilliantly animated teen has racked in over eight billion views and over eight million subscribers. 

As a Washington Music Video Company, we knew the video was going to gain some attention just for the fact of how famous are client was already. This shoot was particularly unique because Sharer already has an entire video team in place. They are responsible for producing and posting regular content to his page, so they are well acquainted with his style. In addition, he had already recruited the entire cast of actors for the video. Sharer is also notably successful; his home and slew of luxury cars made for a convenient and appropriate location. 

His home is decorated with a zip line leading from the house to a sizable pool, embellished with several water slides. His yard is filled with robust inflatable bounce houses. For this project, much of my job was already done for me; I just had to show up and shoot. My only stressors were the scorching sun and the potential of a camera getting wet.

Washington Music Video Company
Washington Music Video Company

Washington Music Video Director

While much of our job was done for us, efficiency and productivity sometimes suffered. With close to 50 people total on set between on and off screen talent, distractions were abundant. Little things can take more time, like breaks for the bathroom and food. 

For this reason, I much prefer a smaller crew and set. It is significantly easier to keep a small group motivated and focused on the task at hand. Also, it helps you avoid any unwanted attention from bypassers. 


Washington Videographer

Below you will find the video we did with Steven Sharer. The video has now reached 120 million views on YouTube, we are just late to the party and just now getting to posting it on Vimeo. 

Washington DC Music Video Director from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.

Washington Videographer

As stated above, this video was extremely fun and I was fortunate in that a lot of the hard work was done for me. With that being said, I enjoy putting videos together where I have an opportunity to craft a concept, and then work with the artist to shape the vision. It always surprises me how many artists are stuck on a particular concept for a video. While the visuals should reflect their work, this closes a lot of doors in terms of creative possibilities, and often fails to consider the technical realities of producing a music video. 

However, at the end of the day, it’s more about making the artist feel like they got what they asked for and helping them enjoy the creative process. 

As a videographer, reviews, especially word-of-mouth advertising, are essential. You always want to leave your artist thrilled. Throughout the production process, you have to balance making them feel heard, while still maintaining control of the overall project and letting them know what does and does not work. It is still your name on the video. The trickiest part of making that happen is getting inside the artist’s head and truly understanding what they are looking for. When a new artist contacts me and tells me about their vision, I ask them to send over a few other videos that they feel represent what they are trying to accomplish. The more planning you can do before the shoot and mapping out the vision, the more you will be certain you and the artist are on the same page. You don’t want to leave an artist confused when they see the finish project. This happened to me once, early on in my career. There was clearly  miscommunication and it was a lot of extra work to clean up. We actually ended up having to do a re-shoot and it cost a lot of extra time and resources. It was a huge headache so it stuck with me and I made sure it never happened again. 

Washington Music Video Company
Washington Music Video Director

Washington Music Video Company

Being a Washington Music Video Director and Washington Videographer is amazing because there is an abundance of talented artists in Seattle, Washington and all throughout the state. Your team may very well get picked up by an artist in Washington D.C., to which I strongly encourage you capitalize on the opportunity. The city is absolutely beautiful and there is never harm in expanding your network. 

We have an expansive following in Washington State, and are constantly presented with video production opportunities there. Some of my best work has come out of Washington State, largely because the weather is consistently cloudy. Overcast makes for perfect filming conditions because the clouds mellow out the light from the sun, acting as a natural diffuser. Your job in color correction will be a lot easier: you shouldn’t have any shots blown out or over exposed. Just be sure to check for rain in advance. Overall being a Washington Music Video Director and Washington Videographer has some cons with the weather but those same cons provide the pro’s. My ideal exterior location to film is a place that doesn’t get too hot and it’s cloudy often. Also why I choose to work in Washington is the amount of creative. If there is any topics you would like for us to talk about in or articles please let us know through email. Hope you enjoyed this article and happy filming. 

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Washington Music Video Company

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