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Vancouver Music Video Company

We are excited to announce that we are now filming music videos in Vancouver, Canada. Since Director Gordon Cowie was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, it was only a matter of time before Gordon Cowie Films expanded our business to Vancouver. The Vancouver Music scene has always been incredible, as there is so much support for the arts in the city and there are great venues for live music all over town. Vancouver seems to attract a huge amount of diversity in the genres and kinds of artists that gravitate there, making it an exciting and avante garde component of the greater industry.

Another huge reason behind our expansion to Vancouver is because we are going to begin filming our first feature film–a psychological thriller called Seven Devils–out there. We are currently in the process of raising capital for the project; we have reached 50% of our goal and are well on our way to achieve our target of $100,000. We are still in search of one or two more producers to join our team!

Vancouver Music Video Director

Besides being a Vancouver music video director now, we have other exciting news to announce. We just purchased a RED Epic with a Helium 8K sensor. This is a huge upgrade for us, as our Vancouver music video company was filming on a RED One MX 4K camera. The upgrade in dynamic range and resolution is going to bring the quality of our videos to a whole new level. This is a camera that costs $34,000 once all basic accessories are added to it.

To view Red Epic Helium 8k Footage check out the video below

We were initially planning to purchase a RED Raven, which is a smaller but not as powerful camera; however, we were put on a waiting list for it and found out that the waiting period had been extended from three months to a full year. Thus, we decided to take a leap of faith and move forward with the highest quality camera out there–the RED Epic. One of the biggest benefits of this camera is its ability to film crisp, beautiful slow motion shots. It can operate at 120 frames per second at 5K and 300 frames per second at 2K. Currently all the videos completed by our Vancouver Music Video Company have been filmed in 4K, so this new camera will bring huge improvements to the quality of our videos. Click on the link above to view the music videos we have previously filmed. To learn more about the RED Epic with 8K, click this link: Vancouver Music Video Director.

Vancouver Music vIDEO producer

Also be sure to check out our new video

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