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A music video from Toronto Music Video Director Gordon Cowie
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Toronto Music Video Director

Saad was actually an artist coming in from another country out of the Middle East. Saad had seen our videos online on YouTube and MTV, he told us he loved them and he wanted to fly in to film with us. Being a music video production company, he wanted us to help him tell the story about a close encounter he had with a women where they  both noticed each other, they connecedt and had an amazing time but then at the end of the video we find out this never happened. It was all just a figment of his imagination. He felt these missed opportunities happen to people in life all the time because people are worried about looking good or are trying to avoid looking bad. Because we are a Toronto Music Video Company he wanted to fly over and shoot on the east coast. Even though we are a Toronto Music Video Company we migrated over to NY to film this video. Saad felt that the state of NY is the most iconic out of all the major cities in North America, also the most noticeable to foreigners especially when you’re looking at locations like Central Park and Time Square.  The majority of the shoot was shot in a location called the funky loft, which we found on peerspace. Peerspace is an incredible resource for filmmakers that allows you to search through 1000’s of location, while skipping the huge costs of permits and insurance. It’s also great because more people let you book for a minimum 2 hours saving us as a Toronto Music Video Director a lot of money on the production. This location was great because they had a mixture of different rooms, all with the same type of vibe but looked completely different. All the interior shots we filmed for this music video were in this loft. So the couch scene with the blue wallpaper, the piano, the swing, the stairs, the locker room, the kitchen, the yellow wallpaper and the red coca cola scene were all filmed there. Being a Toronto Music Video Company finding locations like these are gems. We rented the loft for four hours and filmed eight different performance scenes, all which looked unique and different from each other. Saving the production company time and money.

toronto music video director


Toronto Music Video Company

After we filmed at the loft we had three other locations to film at which would take us about 12 hours to film. Even though the exterior shots only make up about one third of this music video it took three hours longer to get that portion filmed. When you’re dealing with exterior locations generally your not getting permits because the costs are through the roof. Generally at minimum you’re looking at $5000 per location. So in most cases we are going to guerrilla shoot at these locations. Most indie artists don’t have that type of budget for exterior shots. Exterior shots also take longer in public places because you have to wait for people to clear away from the space,  you can have people coming up and distracting the artist or just being in their space which can be distracting from giving their full performance. Also you have to take into consideration continuity, if you’re at a park and a couple is in that back having a picnic and then two seconds later in the next shot they are gone, that is not going to look right. I always prefer interior controlled environments for these reason and you don’t have to have anyone keeping an eye on your equipment as well in case someone tries to steal it (which has happened to me). There’s a lot of uncontrollable factors  when you’re outside. The weather can be unpredictable, you have the rain, wind, the clouds or the sun can all be troublesome and something you can’t control.

Toronto Music Video Company
Toronto Music Video Company


Toronto Music Video Director

We started our shoot filming at a subway station for the opening and closing scenes. For this scene we had to keep in mind different people were going to be coming on and off the train every 3 minutes, so we made the decision it would be best if we just had no-one there in between trains.  We then went and filmed at Central Park for the cathedral looking performance shots as well as the boat scenes. We then finished with time square. 


Toronto Music Video Company

When dealing with exterior locations I like to capture the scenes that are most important to the story first. You never know if someone or something is going to get in the way of that location. If something does happen at the beggining you have time to adjust but if you save those scenes for last you might have ran out of time and your whole story doesn’t make sense. Also I like to plan my schedule based off of distance apart from the locations. There is no reason to be traveling back and forth to separate parts of the city if certain locations are close to one another. Another thing to keep in consideration is your paid talent. If you are paying for them per day, you want to see if you can get all their scenes done in one day so you don’t have to pay multiple day rates so you save the artist money.  We have offer multiple music video services and those include casting and budgeting. So we do everything we can to save our artists money. For casting our Toronto Music Video Company using websites like CastingNetworks.com or backstage.com and if need be Craigslist. Generally every major city has access to these sites but if yours doesn’t be sure to add all your local acting/modeling Facebook groups. It’s a quick and easy way to find some local talent. Also now a days Instagram has become a great resource for us as a Toronto Music Video Director.


Be sure to check out the video right here. 

Toronto Music Video Director from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo

.Toronto Music Video Director

The video came out great overall, I would probably tell artists to stay away from filming in time square simply for the fact you’re going to have tons of people walking by and they are all going to be looking right into the camera. Also it will be hard not to have people bumping into your talent or the camera. For me I just think it’s too much to deal with and not worth it. 


To see more of our Toronto Music Video Director  work be sure to click the link. 

Also if you’re a Toronto Music Video Company be sure to check out peerspace.com  It’s an incredible tool for finding locations or if you are in any other city this is a must have tool. 




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