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The first video I ever made.

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This was the first video I had ever made and it turned out way better than I ever expected. My dream was to be a film director so I made the decision to leave my current 9-5 job and completely devote my time to making my dream a reality. At that time the only production experience I had was acting in short films and theater. I had no technical background and didn’t own any equipment. In a perfect world I would’ve had $40-$80,000 to go to film school but that wasn’t the case so I needed an alternative to get the wheels turning. Luckily I found just that. A friend of mine had just attended DV workshops with respected documentarian Aron Ranen who teaches a seven-day course on documentary filmmaking,currently based in LA. The great thing about this course is that Aron has a corporate video background, so he teaches storytelling techniques as well as corporate video guidelines.  He covers editing, lighting, sound production, framing, interview techniques and the seven different ways to tell a story in a documentary. This is a perfect course to take if you are a beginner or have only 1 to 2 years of experience in video production. Especially if you’re looking to do corporate videos such as testimonials, mission videos, events and commercials. Everyone who attends this class makes their own independant film. The video above is the film I made while attending.
This class has been very helpful in furthering my career. I’ve many times over made back the money I spent on it!!

Galileo Drum Corps– Academy of Science and Technology from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.

They went on to win the national championships that year, below I posted their performance from that year.

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