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Phoenix Music Video Director

My career as a music video producer began only as an independent Phoenix music video director and we now have grown to an entire Arizona music video company with a full team. Once this transition began, it wasn’t long before we started expanding to other areas around the United States as well as internationally. We had produced about ten music videos before artists from all over started contacting us to see if we’d be willing to travel to film in their state. It started out primarily with cities in neighboring states like Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles. Now we have numerous artists from all over the country from cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta working with us regularly. 

Arizona Music Video Company 

For this particular project we were required to travel to Cleveland, Ohio, a new city we had yet to work in. Eddie, the manager of the band called “wavrunner” reached out to me directly months in advance to discuss the details of my service and full music video production process as well as if I’d be willing to travel on-site to them. Soon after,, he made me aware that he had come up with a basic concept, but needed my help to get a storyboard created in order to present to those who would be generating the funding for the video. Before I get into further detail, be sure to check out the full video below!

Arizona Music Video Company


Phoenix Videographer

I can honestly say that this was some of the most fun I’ve had on set in my entire career as a Phoenix videographer. If you’ve seen the video, it is easy to see it’s an energetic, outrageous concept that’s also extremely visually pleasing to the eye. When they originally presented me with the concept they had in mind of the three band members being pictured wondering around coming off a mushroom trip to then finding a leprechaun that they then would rob in order to go on a spending spree, I was, like anyone else would be, completely intrigued. Although the concept was definitely unique, I had to voice my concern that if not done correctly, this could translate very cheesy to the viewers. Their manager was appreciative of the warning and left it up to me to ensure that the video, although comical, it did not seem goofy or low quality. We wanted to present the artists as cool and confident and avoid them coming across overly silly or childish. 

Arizona Music Video Company

With all that being said, I think it’s easy to say we absolutely nailed it. Although the shoot did not run as smoothly as planned due to rain delays during the scheduled shoot times, we were grateful that their team granted us an additional few days of shooting so we’d be able to get every scene on our original shot list. With this extra time, we were actually able to brainstorm even more creative shots that would add some extra flair to the video. The thing I love most about this video is that we are constantly introducing something new. There is always something incredibly funny just around the corner, so there are truly no stale parts in the entire video. The lead singer, Jack, was extremely confident in front of the camera. Due to his acting career as a child, performing in front of a crowd wasn’t at all intimidating to him. This spirit helped the other band members step into their own and I, personally, felt every member became very natural in front of the camera after that.

Phoenix Videographer

A huge blessing on this project was that the artists already had access to so many of the props and locations they had in mind, which made the pre-production process a breeze. For example, they had a massive ten car garage filled with a variety of beautiful luxury cars, a spacious backyard, hot tub, gym, sauna, and of course the gorgeous mansion. We were also able to cast the artists’ friends for the majority of the girls in the video and the man shown being thrown out of the mansion is actually their manager. During the typical pre-production process, gathering  locations, props, and casting actors can get very tedious and time consuming. So, with a video like this, it was nice knowing we were all set to go and had people casted that we could count on. There are so many different shots I am very proud of in this video – the drone shot circling above the lead singer on the motorcycle, the sauna shot with the ice cream cones, the weightlifting shot, when they are  jumping into the hot tub, the shot of them petting the cat, and of course, the big reveal. The video has done very well so far and I am certain it could easily go viral in the right hands. In only it’s first month it hit 100,000 views. However, the video deserves millions more and I feel people would generally love to share it if only they only knew about it. It’s videos like these that make me really love what I do. The whole process didn’t feel like work, it felt like a party hanging out with some of my best friends by the end of it. It was truly bittersweet when the video wrapped, since we had all become so close and I had to return home all the way across the country. However, we cannot wait until we get the opportunity to work with these artists again. This was my ideal shoot, a fun energetic video that’s light hearted, working with fun, creative people, and having a song you believe in.  When I was with the artists they showed me some of their other music and it was one hundred percent certain I would listen to it on a daily bases. There are so many artists out there that just don’t get the proper exposure. I’m so glad that they’re young and their career is just getting started, so they have plenty of time to break into the industry and they already have such a great head start. Their biggest asset they have is their talent and work ethic, and when those two things merge, I do believe that’s what can truly launch someone’s career. 

This is exactly why I am so passionate about my job, we are always blessed to meet new incredible creative artists that are all so talented and yet so unique to one another. We always have great conversations and it’s so inspiring to be working with people who are willing to fearlessly go after their dream and I am incredibly lucky to be apart of it. It’s easy for me to stay motivated in this industry and want to achieve more. I hope I get to shoot with “wavrunner” for years and years as their music career takes off. They were all so talented on camera, I actually considering casting them in my feature film, since they fit the roles perfectly. Even if that doesn’t happen, I personally can’t wait for the reunion with the band and their manager. Be sure to check out more of their work at on Tik Tok and Instagram. TikTok: .wavruuner Instagram: wav_runner

phoenix videographer
Phoenix Videographer

Being a Phoenix Music Video Director and a Arizona Music Video Company, we have worked in every genre of music. We have worked with a variety of artists in pop, rap, R&B, gospel, electronic, country and basically anything else you can think of. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to us. 

If you’re an artist looking for any type of video, be sure to email us at [email protected] We consider ourselves to be some of the top music video directors in the world and our music video production prices are extremely fair.  We also consider ourselves as independent music video directors and gear our packages to artist who are working within a budget.

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