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“Video Producer” Gordon Cowie Films from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.


“Video Producer” Gordon Cowie Films from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.

It’s My War is the fourth music video that Gordon Cowie Films has made for The Diamond Underground. The song and video is about dealing with alcholism, the people it affects, and the actual psychosis (both hallucinations and delusions) you go through while detoxing from alcohol. 


Video Producer

Owning multiple production companies can be a stressful job that is not always rewarding creatively. Sometimes artists get stuck on their vision even when it’s not working and that can really hurt a project. Fortunately, that has never been the case with one of our favorite clients, The Diamond Underground. This is currently our forth video we have made for this artist now, but we still have never met the Ohio-based musician. The Diamond Underground has always spoiled us with creative freedom, and we feel it really has paid off in each video. It doesn’t matter if you are an event production company or music production company, the goal is to leave your customer thrilled about the whole experience. It’s amazing when you find an artist that has the same goal for your own experience as a filmmaker. The Diamond Underground has always given us a loose outline of what they are looking for, but at the end of the day they have always said they trust us and allowed us to take the creative reigns. As a video producer, that type of client confidence is music to our ears. 


Having production companies that are based out on the West Coast, it doesn’t always make sense to fly across the country to get a video made as a client. That is where your client has to really trust you based on conversations you have had with them and your past work in your portfolio. 


All of the casting and shooting took place in Phoenix, Arizona. We did all the filming in two days in just three locations. We decided to shoot the video in black and white in order to provide a timeless feel. We really wanted to depict the life of an addict and what they go through. We felt that being stuck in a hopeless vicious circle really depicted that struggle. We felt most addicts feel alone and that people can’t relate to what they are going through. As an onlooker you feel that if you just put more effort into helping the ones you care about that are struggling with addiction, you can make a difference. But the unfortunate truth is that the addict has to want their own sobriety for his or herself, and sometimes that necessitates hitting rock bottom first before he or she is willing to change anything. 


To see more of music video producer Gordon Cowie Films work be sure to click the link video producer


Check out the rest of the artist’s work at The Diamond Underground website



Special thanks to all the actors and extras that took part in filming this project. The Alcoholic man: Josiah James Burgess. The Alcoholic’s Girlfriend: Chelsea Claire. The Father: Joe Jauch. The Mother: Angee Lewandowski. The Younger Self: Sean Laguna. Also special thanks to Roger Palaski, Vanessa Baer, Mark Stephenson and Alexandra Comeaux for stepping in as an extras.

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