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Jedward – Make Your Own Luck

One of the many music videos we made for the brother group Jedward
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Make Your Own Luck was the second music video Gordon Cowie Films filmed for boy band Jedward off their new album Ferocious. At its core, this song is about being confident in yourself and working hard to turn your dreams into a reality rather than sitting around and waiting for them to happen. 

Make Your Own Luck

Just after finishing up the video Ferocious, which was more of a raw, edgy video with cold color tones, the Jedward twins had decided that they wanted to make the video for Make Your Own Luck more light hearted and fun with a warm color base. We decided on a concept based on one simple question: what if John and Edward had been separated at birth and led two entirely different lives? In our imagining of this, Edward lives a life of luxury in the spotlight and John lives in a trailer, busting his butt to make a dollar. While scouting locations for another music video in Casa Grande, California, we stumbled upon a junk yard that we thought would be perfect to shoot as John’s “home.” We knocked on the door to ask if the owners would allow us to shoot at their home for a few hours, and they were more than willing. The irony of finding one of our important locations by sheer luck for a video called Make Your Own Luck was certainly not lost on us. We could have easily just driven by the location and assumed that most people wouldn’t want a film crew at their home, but instead we decided to be courageous, stop the vehicle, knock on their door to introduce ourselves and ask. The people living there were actually very generous and decided to let us use their whole junk yard and their dirt bikes for the shoot. 

Margaret Cho

When we chose to make this video more light-hearted, we also decided to add some humor to the storyline. That is when Jedward gave their friend Comedian Margaret Cho  a call and asked her to get involved in the project. Margaret Cho is best known for her acting in the hit comedy show Drop Dead Diva and her multiple standup comedy performances on Comedy Central.  Margaret Cho was kind enough to open up her house to us to film in. For this scene, John works as her servant boy doing all sorts of odd jobs that Cho makes even more difficult, from cutting the grass with sissors to cleaning the floors with an old toothbrush. If you want to learn more about Margaret Cho’s comedy or her show Drop Dead Diva, be sure to check out her website Margaret Cho by clicking the link. 

In the end, Jedward wanted the video to be about creating your own luck in life and not taking yourself too serious while doing it. This video was filmed in multiple cities: Scottsdale AZ, Casa Grand, CA, and Los Angeles California. 

Our next video coming out with Jedward after Make Your Own Luck is Leave a Mark, which is also featured on the Ferocious album. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes information on that music video shoot! 




John and Edward Grimes are the two members of an X Factor boy band that was as big of a hit on the show as 1 Direction, competitors which followed them in a later season. Jedward’s international success spans from Europe, including their home country of Ireland, all the way to Asia, and is now beginning to hit North America. This  X Factor boy band came to  Gordon Cowie Films looking to shoot four different music videos.  They bravely decided to fly all the way from the UK to the U.S. in order to shoot fresh looking videos that were different from all the other videos currently being produced in Europe. The first video they decide to get started on was their self-titled album single “Ferocious.” The Jedward twins told us they wanted to make a video that showed their fans that they are more than just a boy band, but rather two talented artists with a tough side. The song, which marks a distinct departure from their previous work, encourages their fans to be bold in moving towards their dreams and to overcome all the nay sayers and hurdles who stand in the way of their success. This important message inspired John and Edward to give actress and longtime friend Tara Reid a call and ask her if she wanted to be part of the project. Tara has quite publicly seen her fair share of controversy while dealing with people saying negative things about her. Connected to the message of perseverance that Ferocious contains, she felt that the video was a perfect fit for her and agreed to be featured. 

X Factor Boy Band

Gordon Cowie Films came together with the X factor boys and decided that we wanted the video to be about about a group of friends who were being threatened by a rival gang member le viagra pharmacie. This mysterious antagonist put their lives at risk by burning their hangout down and then going after their friend Tara Reid. What results is a call to action: the boys must find Tara and rescue her before it’s too late.


The rest of the casting for Ferocious was done in Phoenix, Arizona. The desert state was chosen as our primary location because of an abandoned dog track that is located just 40 minutes north of Phoenix. The dog track, which was abandoned 15 years ago and is now covered with graffiti, was perfect for this video. The other locations we used were in Los Angeles, California: the drainage channels that have been used to shoot numerous blockbuster movies (such as The Terminator and Out of Time) and an apartment building on Hollywood Blvd.

Even though the locations were six hours apart from each other, Jedward and our crew decided that this location was well worth the drive. It’s not everyday you find a set like this, especially if you are not paying a huge studio to furnish it. 


The main performance scenes for Ferocious were filmed in a studio setup with a white paper backdrop. The lights used for this scene were two sets of Phillips Hue Lights that  can be synched up to any song with alternating colors and strobe.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing a little bit of inside information about our shoot with Jedward! To learn more about the X Factor boy band, be sure to check out the official  Jedward website

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