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Our latest music video production was created with a New York Native artist named Linkz with his new hit single Kick Rocks. The hit is getting plenty of views and plenty of air play.

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Linkz contacted us from NY and wanted us to meet him in LA to film a music video. He had seen our video “Ferocious” (from one of our other artists, Jedward) and wanted a  video with a similar color scheme and “feel,” which was cold and raw. Having worked in music video production for quite some time now, one of our big challenges can be finding unique locations that have similar looks to other videos but offer a completely unique thematic base. That can mean a lot of scouting, which can also mean a lot of driving! Sometimes you never find what you are looking for. We were very fortunate on this shoot because we found two great locations within just a day of scouting that were completely original to us and fit what we were planning to do. Our first location was Murphy Ranch, which is actually an old Nazi camp located in the heart of LA. If you want to find the location, the address  is: Sullivan Fire Rd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. Expect to hike about 20-30 minutes to reach it because the location is actually off of a mountain trail, and there is no parking by the location itself. Once you get to the mountain’s gate, it’s still about another 15 minutes from there. Our advice is to pack lightly! Don’t bring a lot of equipment. We actually found the site using a great video producer resource called Tom Explores LA. We have included the link at the bottom of the page. 


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Our second location actually had been used it multiple Hollywood blockbuster movies. The most recognizable movies filmed there have been Terminator 2 and In Time. The location is part of the LA River and can be found at the 7th Street Bridge at 2155 E. 7th Street. This is a great location: it really feels like you have ten different locations wrapped up into one here since there are so many different film friendly aspects (the bridge, the train tracks, the warehouse next door, etc.). You are bound to find something you love. 

Linkz is from Brooklyn New York. His father was a former reggae artist, so music was something he was always surrounded by. Linkz now resides in California where he has started his own label, Yanky Boi The song “Kick Rocks” is an inspirational song about the artist and his grind to make it to the top in the music industry.  

If you are looking for music video production or a video producer for any type of video work give us a call today at 480-202-4768, email us at [email protected], or go to our contact page by clicking the link: Production companies nyc


If you wish to check out the video producer’s resource of Tom Explore LA, be sure to click the link. This is especially handy if you are a Los Angeles Music Video Production Company: video producer website

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