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The Last Kakachee – What Happened to You

I have been involved with music in one form or another (singing, piano, ukulele, guitar, and vibraphone) my entire life. … Continued

I have been involved with music in one form or another (singing, piano, ukulele, guitar, and
vibraphone) my entire life. I never saw it as a career; just something I loved that would always
be a part of me. I have written, arranged and recorded several songs now – many of them for
The Last Kakachee – a music production company that donates their profits to the charity End
Sex Abuse. End Sex Abuse provides trauma therapy for victims who have been sexually
assaulted. The song I am proudest of is probably Quiet Christmas Night. If you haven’t heard it
yet, give it a listen – you won’t be disappointed!
The reason I chose to be involved with What Happened to You is not only because the proceeds
go to a worthy cause, but because I feel it addresses an important topic: suicide. Too many
people are taking their own lives for various reasons. The song was written by Mike Speed who
dedicated it to his friend Robert who committed suicide. On the outside, Robert appeared to
have the perfect life but he was obviously struggling internally while those around him were
completely unaware. The song is a reminder that we never know what people are going
through – we should all be a little kinder. I hope that it also speaks to those who might be
contemplating taking their own life to reconsider. Problems are easier to face when shared
with the people around you and somehow, life’s problems seem to work out. Thank you
Gordon Cowie for creating this hauntingly beautiful music video to portray the message of this
music for a cause.
Maddison Mackinzie
https://www.endsexabuse.org/what-happened- to-you

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