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Music Video Production Nashville

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Music Video Production Nashville

This music video was one of the easiest projects I have ever had. Tony Reid called me with a concept in  mind for the music video, his only concern was that he thought the concept might be too simple. I encouraged him that it was perfect and that too many artist’s try to do way too much in a music video. You have to consider you only have 3 to 4 minutes to tell a story and you are telling that story without dialogue. A lot of artist’s want to make a music video that tells their life story or multiple events that they have had occur or witnessed in life. I tell my artists that it’s better to keep the project simple in concept but to do it very well. I think a lot of artists approach their videos like this is there only shot to make and they would be a lot more successful if they approached it as this was just one of the many great music videos they will make.  We shot the video in one day, looking back at it, I might have considered extending it to two days if I could re-do it. Tony hired a couple local parkour athletes and that’s where I would of liked to spend more time filming.


Nashville Music Video Producer

We have realized their are great musicians all over the world and all over the country so each month we are expanding our country to a major city. There is a huge need for music video production in Nashville. So many great country singers and rock bands come out of the state that it was on top of our list to start video production companies in Nashville.


Nashville Music Video Director

Our next music video is actually going to be filmed in Nashville. A client out of New Jersey had contacted us wanting to film a music video and they concept was going to bring us to film in Nashville. Her concern was she couldn’t fine any well established Nashville Music Video Director’s. We are literally looking to expand across the whole world and give people access to high quality music video across the world. We want to keep our prices extremely competitive so travel costs are no concerns to the muscians. Currently as we expand to being a Nashville Music Video Director, we don’t charge any travel costs as long as you are located in the united states.


We just re-did our website so be sure to check it out here Nashville Music Video Director


To check on more about the amazing music scene in Nashville bee sure to video Nashville Music Video Producer They are a great resource to see everything that is going on musically in Nashville

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