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Pre-production– We came up with a few different concepts, the song is about a man who’s life and relationships are dominated and ruined by pornography. The first idea that came to my mind was a man being at a party and falling in love with a women, but this women was actually just a blow up doll. All the characters in the story would recognize her as a real person and treat her as if she was a living and breathing human being. I thought we could do a lot of different humorous things with this idea visually. The couple would fall in love and then their love would turn to tragedy when the women (blow up doll) gets pricked by a pin and the male lead actor can bring her back to life by blowing her back up. If I would of moved forward I would of drawn a lot of the ideas from the movie “Lars and the real girl.” The idea we eventually decided was a mans marriage being destroyed when his wife over hears him masturbating to porn right after she has just failed her pregnancy test. The women begins to hate her husband and eventually decides to make her own porn to get back at him. After the concept was finalized with the artist, we began casting. The lead male was played by Jedediah Jones, the female lead was played by Alysha Enne, the male porn star was Josh Tomozoli and the male porn director, was played by the director of the music video Gordon Cowie. The most difficult part of the shoot was finding locations. Fortunately we had access to a home that was so large that we were able to shoot 90% of the video at one home. Everything except the desert scene and the girl falling into the pool at the end was shot at the one home.


Production– This shoot was a blast, so many laughs in an environment where you are filming a phony porn. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many one liners or thats what she said jokes in my life. The duration was about 3 days total of actual production time.

Post Production- this music video was a breeze to edit. It took me a total of about 14 hours when usually ill spend about 40 hours to edit a video. When you have an actual story mapped out you get to use it as a guide and it keeps you on tract while editing. You get to edit one scene at a time which helps from not letting you become overwhelmed by the process. Also when you see the whole story in your head, it saves a lot of time in the editing stage.


Funniest moment- someone has a cold soar on there lips and mentioned how they didnt want it to show up on the video and some one said “why? That’s how you know its a legit porn.”

On a side note the porn star standing behind the camera was not naked, his underwear was scrunched up and his hands were covering the bands of the garment.

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