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How to make a viral video

As a music video director and music video producer you are always trying to get better at your craft. Lately though the question I’ve been asking myself is what does it matter how good the overall quality of your work is, if no one see’s it? This got me wondering: what makes a video go viral? First, what does it mean to go viral? Consider going viral is the same as a virus spreading. A video gets so big that it no longer needs you to spread the word; it takes on a life of its own and starts spreading itself. This generally happens at the one million view mark. Video Producers all over the world want to answer the question of how to get it to that initial mark. I started talking to some friends about it, and they said “something must be beautiful for it to go viral.” I disagreed; there was nothing beautiful about “Charle Bit My Finger”; it was just funny. I then asked myself what has made me share videos with other people in the past. The answer was because the video was funny and was something I had never seen before, almost as if the video had made me ask the question, “What on earth am I watching?” If we look at the most famous viral video of all time, PSY’S “Gangnam Style,” we will notice that this has both of those factors. Scenes like PSY lying down in an elevator with some creepy cowboy mounting him made me laugh. The huge dance numbers, as well as the new “gangnam style” dance were things I had never seen. I believe both of these factors were what made this video so special and made people want to share it with their friends. If we look back at some of the best music video directors and their work, such as John Landis and his music video “Thriller,” which swept the nation, we can find similar traits. The world had never seen a video of such epic proportions of zombies walking around dancing, all the while staying fun the whole way through. 


The Best Music Video Directors and Music Video Producers long for clients who say these magic words: “I want you to decide on the vision for this video. I trust you.” I believe there are so many sub-par videos out there because musicians don’t trust their director. A musician’s job is to make music, and a music video director’s job is to direct music videos viagra france pharmacie. Too many artists make the mistake of wanting to control all aspects of a video. The hardest thing in the creative process is getting your idea into someone else’s head. It’s next to impossible. That’s why one person should be in charge of the creative vision, and if your hiring someone who has spent years working on this craft, why would you try to do it yourself? It would be like going to a dentist for work and saying, “I watched a dental show the other night on the Discovery Channel, and I think I would like to actually give myself the root canal this time. Can you just supervise?” You just wouldn’t do that, and to try to maintain that control as a musician in a creative field outside your realm is equally ludicrous.

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You can check out PSY’s latest viral video hitting 76 million views in its first month right at the blue link below:

How to make a viral video

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