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Gordon Cowie Films just finished filming their first music video on the new Red one Mx camera. Below we have attached a bio of the artist for people to check out.

Are hand is all in on Jera, the music artist”, Says the Executive Producer of Indie League Records®.  Jera is the next big artist slowly arising before the many artist who’ve been in the industry for several years, simply because what she does it the studio is natural.  It simply cannot be taught.  In fact, there are many musicians in the industry today that believe they can learn to make “hit” music.  The music created by Jera is her story, and her emotional enclosed box secretly secluded from the world but vulnerable to a microphone.  Her craft is pure and evidently art, without explanation.  It’s relatively a cookie cutter to create mass appeal records for her.  Its simple; there’s not one artist or musician in the music industry that can create the music Jera creates, her voice speaks for itself, remaining uniquely distinct and grasping attention from her demeanor.  Her voice is distinct enough to stand out from any artist we’ve heard yet and with over 2 million artist yearly, that’s a huge gain for Jera.

Jera’s leadoff single, “F.I.M.I (Land)” a.k.a “Fake It Make it”  was a collaborative agreement set upon the label.  The production was created for the enjoyment of the club and entertainment aspect.  Jera wanted to express her self in a luring and playful way, exposing how her perception of the music industry and how seductive it seems to be.  Although it seems as if Jera is just another artist on a dance track, she creates a blend between a cultural sound and today’s modern dance genre.

Destiny Okonkwo a.k.a Jera (born on 21st June 1991), is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, currently signed to Indie League Records®. At a young age destiny knew she was born to perform when others around her felt that she was mentally deranged, sharp mouthed, and continuously talking while singing.  Destiny was born in California,and was sent to live with her older sisters, Grand Parents and Aunts and Uncles in Nigeria, Africa.While being raised in Nigeria for seven years of her life by her Grandmother and Grandfather and an array of Uncles and Aunts. She began to formulate her love for music, with so many characters in her environment, she instantly became a performer. Turning her siblings and random visitors into an audience. Destiny, after coming back to America  went through realistic whereabouts at this time in her life she was thrown off track from the criticisms, negativity, and in-supportive mechanisms, mainly being her environment and the American culture. This stemmed from the teasing from little kids about her accent, to teasing because of her out going and colorful behavior.

In the 2nd grade she wrote and arranged her first song “Black Shadows” a song about loneliness and empty thoughts. The song described how she felt as a young nigerian child growing up in America constantly moving and riding solo.  Additionally, to be a successful entertainer in America coming from a Nigerian background was not only unrealistic, but off the tracks from her family, culture, and their beliefs. These beliefs eventually became her own, overwhelmed with the feeling of conventionality and ultimately she lost passion for singing through out high school.  It has been nearly 2 years of prepping material and the brand of Jera, and boy do we have extravagant music up our sleeve,” says Bre Webb (the Executive Producer of Indie League Records®

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