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Los Angeles Music Video Director

An article about being a Los Angeles Music Video Director and Los Angeles Music Video Company
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Los Angeles Music Video Director

You will always have an abundance of competition as a Los Angeles Music Video Director or Videographer. However, with that competition comes high demand from vast clientele. LA is the hub for filming, with New York City coming in at a close second. The town is overflowing with film projects, television shows, marketing and media companies, musicians, and influencers pushing their social media or business line. The call for content creators shows no sign of diminishing any time soon. Every year, more and more companies are converting their marketing from TV to social media platforms. 

The fastest way to skyrocket your business is to become an influencer: it builds trust in your brand and places you on a platform where people feel privileged and excited to work with you. A viral video can launch your business to the next level. However, if you are not consistent in producing high quality content, you can fade away just as quickly. 

Top music video production companies LA know this, and they do not want to sell you just one video. They want to enroll you in the idea of becoming your constant content creators. A lot of artists or brands are under the impression that one great video will grant instant success. As a music video producing agency, we see this with musicians all the time. Sure, every once in a while a viral video will lead to overnight fame, but generally these expectations fall way short.

Los Angeles Music Video Director
Gordon Cowie Los Angeles Music Video Director

Los Angeles Music Video Director

The artists that I have seen succeed over the years are the ones that generate consistent content. If you put energy and money behind the production and marketing of your content, every video should build more of a following. You want to create an extensive and enjoyable experience for your current fans, as well as future fans who have yet to discover you. Think of a good Instagram account that you just stumble upon and spend hours exploring. What makes them good? What makes you keep scrolling? If you only have one or two videos, you don’t give your potential fan base that opportunity to get hooked. 

The paid promotions on sites like Instagram, YouTube, World Star Hip Hop, and Facebook are going to be one of the biggest factors in helping you grow your audience. One of the main purposes of content production is to reach new audiences; they can’t find you if they don’t know about you. When you tap into the power of advertising, you are taking control of your viewership.  


Los Angeles Music Video Director from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.

Los Angeles Music Video Company

If fame and fortune is your end goal, you have to realize it is not a sprint. Devoting six months of energy and effort may yield some results, but chances are you will burn out before you make any dent in the music industry. It may take five to ten years and over 100 videos to really get your career going. Your dedication will pay off, but you have to be proactive in finding the right resources and be willing to spend the necessary money. 

Collaborating with talent who have larger audiences is essential. When you release that video, you will automatically be exposed to an existing fan base. They are a lot more likely to follow you if you work with an artist that they already listen to. Focus on making songs and adding features with established musicians who are willing to share the song and video on their platforms. 

Established artists may charge $5,000 to get a decent feature, but if that equates to 10,000 new fans, I would say it’s worth it. If you do that 10 times, yes it will be pricey, but your following will take off dramatically. Just take it one project at a time and understand that it will take time and money, so keep your expectations realistic. 

This article has inspired me to make a video of how to get noticed as artists. Being in the industry for ten years has really shown us what works, so be on the lookout for that resource. 


Videography tips

I’m going to start ending these articles with some video tips and hopefully you find some extra value that helps move your career forward. 

Alright, the first one is an editing tip: if your computer is running slow when editing 4k files or any other film files, try bringing all the files on to your actual desktop. If you are editing off of an external hard drive, this will always be a slower route then editing from the actual computer because it’s one extra step the computer has to take.

Because files are so big these days, you will only be able to do one, maybe two, projects at a time. Make sure everything is organized in a folder, this way it’s easy to delete and clean up when done. If your project is just too large or you don’t have enough space, try finding a faster external harddrive, something like a Thunderbolt 2.0 is going to yield way better results than a USB 2.0. Finding faster, easier ways to do basic steps is video production 101. It will help you make more money in less time. Also, make sure when you upload your footage that make proxy files and edit those proxy files. Proxy files are a lot smaller and easy on your system. Just remember to switch it back when you are all done. Hopefully this helps you out if any of this information is unclear and you have additional questions, always feel



Los Angeles Music Video Company
Gordon Cowie filming Los Angeles Music Video Company


Also as musicians we thing the best promoting resource is world star hip hop be sure to reach to them to promote your videos Los Angeles Music Video Company

If you are more interested in the how to’s of filming and the film side of thing be sure to check out our other site Los Angeles Music Video Director

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