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Directing Music Videos

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Directing Music Videos

The Diamond Underground will always be a group that means the world to us. They were actually the first group to ever book us for a paid music video over five years ago. Since that date, they have hired us for our music video production services a total of five times. Before the group called us from Cleveland, Ohio and told us that they wanted to book us for our music video production services, directing music videos was nothing more than a dream. Since that day, our dream has become our everyday reality. We are proud of the work we have done with The Diamond Underground and amazed at how far we have come from our very first music video with them. We are particularly proud of the surrealist aspects of our most recent music video for their song “All I Want II”. After we found inspiration in the famous surrealists filmmaker Maya Deren and artist Salvador Dali, The Diamond Underground allowed us to use their video to explore the dreamy aesthetic of surrealist artistry, which uses unexpected, sometimes contradictory imagery to express the imagination without restrictions. The music video for “All I Want II” follows the story of a woman who has been cheated on by her boyfriend. In her anger, her perceptions of reality become distorted and the lines between her imagination and what is really happening become blurred as she descends into a state of delusion. 

Music Video Production

Working with The Diamond Underground allowed us to begin our careers as music video producers and to experiment with different elements of artistry and filmmaking. In addition to this, The Diamond Underground first connected with us via our website and, as a result of our strong online presence, were confident in booking us for our first paid music video shoot. This has shown us the power of Google.

Top music video directors

If you can keyword and optimize your website correctly, you can literally reach anyone around the world for zero marketing dollars. Now if you Google music video director, music video production, and music video producer you will find us ranked on the first page for each keyword. Utilizing online tools such as keywording our website has helped us elevate our platform as music video producers and have allowed us to develop a reputation for ourselves as top music video directors on the West Coast. We have come to be known as producers of high quality, but low budget music videos. As we continue into the future, we plan to further develop and improve our online presence and marketing so that we can reach an even wider audience with our music video production services. 

There are a lot of great books that you can pick up on keyword research that will help you and your company. Keyword research is one tool I would suggest never to outside hire. It is to hard to track and there are too many people who take advantage of people in that business. 

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