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Above the Radio and I launched a contest giving away a free music video to the best band that submitted, I chose Avery as the winning band. Upon the first meeting with Mariah, we came up with the concept of having kids portray the story, so that they may bring some light to a heavy subject. The music performance scenes for their new music video “Hospital Call”, was filmed in Yuma, Arizona. Yuma was an awesome location to capture unique sites. The main children in the video had previous acting experience, which definitely made filming this video easier. In future videos, I hope that the bands will have the opportunity to utilize actors as well.  

Getting to know the band:

The formation of the band Avery began in March of 2011 by Allison Galbreath and Mariah DeRaet. After playing together for a couple months, Brad Mitchell joined the mix and changed their game by further producing their simplistic style with slide guitars and ambient lead parts. Shortly after in July of 2012, some heavier percussion was needed and luckily Eric Estrada was happy to oblige- thus completing and perfecting their band.

We make music because it makes us happy. I write songs to get the sentiment out of my head so I can move on.  Almost like writing your problems on a piece of paper and burning it.

Despite making somewhat serious music, we are all fairly silly people.  Sometimes in band practice we’ll only sing and talk in Bob Dylan voices.  There have also been rare times where Avery turns into it’s hardcore twin “Cancer Stain”.

Ideally we’d like to tour and share our music with as many people as possible. We can only hope that our music helps someone, like the way so many artists have helped us.

We are heavily influenced by bands such as:

Camera Obscura
Julie Doiron
Damien Jurado
Pedro the Lion
Cat Power

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