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A mockup of Lyla movie poster

Lyla | Offical Trailer

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Here is the official movie trailer and poster for our film “Lyla”. This has been a four year journey and I’m excited to have this fully complete. This is my first feature film and it’s been a massive learning experience. I’m very grateful to all our investors and their patience with me. Also I just want to give a huge thanks to all of our actors’ patience as well. This project would have been so much harder to complete with so many people checking in with me. To edit a project of this size and caliber was a massive undertaking. I believe we have something special to show for this. The film we made on a micro budget is extraordinary. There are no signs of this being a small budget film.

Lyla movie poster
The official movie poster of the feature film Lyla

I just want to say thank you to all of our cast and the investors below you will find a list of a bunch of people I would like to thank and for believing in me. 

Justin & Anita Mcleod

Jared & Sharaya Maples

Tyler & Keturah Wilson

Luke & Heather Block

Jim & Loretta Marzola

Jeannie Paparella & Steve Cowie

Sean, Brandon & Vicki Gudenau

Dana Parker

Radi Zebian

Thank you Andres Acosta from https://www.cloudnorbit.com for all your hard work on set and in the sound design. You brought this film to life. 

Thank you to Jared Maples and Amanda Lee Greenman for your additional support

Also thank you to our cast

Clark Moore

Jolene Andersen

Mason Wells

Aion Boyd

Chloe Farnworth

Joseph Lopez

Chris Studenka

Houston Towe

Maria Olsen

Covid was a big part of the holdup on this film as all the major film festivals were shut down for 18 months. With them now open we will focus our efforts on submitting the film festivals and getting it sold with a theatrical release.

Our next film we will be focusing on and moving forward with is “Zero”. A dark drama comedy based in Arizona. 

Phoenix Music Video Director

My career as a music video producer began only as an independent Phoenix music video director and we now have grown to an entire Arizona music video company with a full team. Once this transition began, it wasn’t long before we started expanding to other areas around the United States as well as internationally. We had produced about ten music videos before artists from all over started contacting us to see if we’d be willing to travel to film in their state. It started out primarily with cities in neighboring states like Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles. Now we have numerous artists from all over the country from cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta working with us regularly. 

Arizona Music Video Company 

For this particular project we were required to travel to Cleveland, Ohio, a new city we had yet to work in. Eddie, the manager of the band called “wavrunner” reached out to me directly months in advance to discuss the details of my service and full music video production process as well as if I’d be willing to travel on-site to them. Soon after,, he made me aware that he had come up with a basic concept, but needed my help to get a storyboard created in order to present to those who would be generating the funding for the video. Before I get into further detail, be sure to check out the full video below!

Arizona Music Video Company


Phoenix Videographer

I can honestly say that this was some of the most fun I’ve had on set in my entire career as a Phoenix videographer. If you’ve seen the video, it is easy to see it’s an energetic, outrageous concept that’s also extremely visually pleasing to the eye. When they originally presented me with the concept they had in mind of the three band members being pictured wondering around coming off a mushroom trip to then finding a leprechaun that they then would rob in order to go on a spending spree, I was, like anyone else would be, completely intrigued. Although the concept was definitely unique, I had to voice my concern that if not done correctly, this could translate very cheesy to the viewers. Their manager was appreciative of the warning and left it up to me to ensure that the video, although comical, it did not seem goofy or low quality. We wanted to present the artists as cool and confident and avoid them coming across overly silly or childish. 

Arizona Music Video Company

With all that being said, I think it’s easy to say we absolutely nailed it. Although the shoot did not run as smoothly as planned due to rain delays during the scheduled shoot times, we were grateful that their team granted us an additional few days of shooting so we’d be able to get every scene on our original shot list. With this extra time, we were actually able to brainstorm even more creative shots that would add some extra flair to the video. The thing I love most about this video is that we are constantly introducing something new. There is always something incredibly funny just around the corner, so there are truly no stale parts in the entire video. The lead singer, Jack, was extremely confident in front of the camera. Due to his acting career as a child, performing in front of a crowd wasn’t at all intimidating to him. This spirit helped the other band members step into their own and I, personally, felt every member became very natural in front of the camera after that.

Phoenix Videographer

A huge blessing on this project was that the artists already had access to so many of the props and locations they had in mind, which made the pre-production process a breeze. For example, they had a massive ten car garage filled with a variety of beautiful luxury cars, a spacious backyard, hot tub, gym, sauna, and of course the gorgeous mansion. We were also able to cast the artists’ friends for the majority of the girls in the video and the man shown being thrown out of the mansion is actually their manager. During the typical pre-production process, gathering  locations, props, and casting actors can get very tedious and time consuming. So, with a video like this, it was nice knowing we were all set to go and had people casted that we could count on. There are so many different shots I am very proud of in this video – the drone shot circling above the lead singer on the motorcycle, the sauna shot with the ice cream cones, the weightlifting shot, when they are  jumping into the hot tub, the shot of them petting the cat, and of course, the big reveal. The video has done very well so far and I am certain it could easily go viral in the right hands. In only it’s first month it hit 100,000 views. However, the video deserves millions more and I feel people would generally love to share it if only they only knew about it. It’s videos like these that make me really love what I do. The whole process didn’t feel like work, it felt like a party hanging out with some of my best friends by the end of it. It was truly bittersweet when the video wrapped, since we had all become so close and I had to return home all the way across the country. However, we cannot wait until we get the opportunity to work with these artists again. This was my ideal shoot, a fun energetic video that’s light hearted, working with fun, creative people, and having a song you believe in.  When I was with the artists they showed me some of their other music and it was one hundred percent certain I would listen to it on a daily bases. There are so many artists out there that just don’t get the proper exposure. I’m so glad that they’re young and their career is just getting started, so they have plenty of time to break into the industry and they already have such a great head start. Their biggest asset they have is their talent and work ethic, and when those two things merge, I do believe that’s what can truly launch someone’s career. 

This is exactly why I am so passionate about my job, we are always blessed to meet new incredible creative artists that are all so talented and yet so unique to one another. We always have great conversations and it’s so inspiring to be working with people who are willing to fearlessly go after their dream and I am incredibly lucky to be apart of it. It’s easy for me to stay motivated in this industry and want to achieve more. I hope I get to shoot with “wavrunner” for years and years as their music career takes off. They were all so talented on camera, I actually considering casting them in my feature film, since they fit the roles perfectly. Even if that doesn’t happen, I personally can’t wait for the reunion with the band and their manager. Be sure to check out more of their work at on Tik Tok and Instagram. TikTok: .wavruuner Instagram: wav_runner

phoenix videographer
Phoenix Videographer

Being a Phoenix Music Video Director and a Arizona Music Video Company, we have worked in every genre of music. We have worked with a variety of artists in pop, rap, R&B, gospel, electronic, country and basically anything else you can think of. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to us. 

If you’re an artist looking for any type of video, be sure to email us at [email protected] We consider ourselves to be some of the top music video directors in the world and our music video production prices are extremely fair.  We also consider ourselves as independent music video directors and gear our packages to artist who are working within a budget.

If you enjoyed this video be sure to check more of our work at link below Phoenix Music Video Director

Also, if you want to watch more of our film work, check out our other site Arizona Music Video Company

New York Music Video Director

Back in December, we were contacted for an opportunity in NYC for four different videos. All of these videos were set to be filmed in New York City. The artist and his manager contacted our team and said they said they potentially had multiple videos that they wanted to film, but they had concerns they wanted us to address. The first concern was in regards to COVID. They wondered if it was even  possible to even film a music video during this time. With the precautions we had in place, we assured them that the music video production process would be completely safe and all we needed was the consent of everyone on set to participate. We then were excited to tell them that we offer valuable discounts for clients that shoot multiple videos. If an artist books two music videos they receive a 15% discount, for three music videos a 20% discount, and if they booked four music videos a 25% discount would be applied. With this 25% off discount, one of the four music videos ends up being completely free. They of course jumped at the opportunity and immediately booked the four music videos. Once the planning began, we decided that we would need 12 days to film. We then planned ahead for three out of those twelve days to be flexible, in case something were to come up or needed to be rescheduled. Being in the music video industry we knew this could be a good possibility, especially with the unpredictability of the pandemic.


New York City Music Video Director
New York City Music Video Director


New York Music Video Director

The first music video we filmed was for the song titled “Absurd”. “Absurd” is a high-energy song and they wanted the video to capture that same energy. They had a vision of each video intertwining to another in a way. The first video they wanted to have an artist who is sick and tired of his girlfriend who is nagging him all the time. The second one would be a man they see singing a song in the studio to his girlfriend and him then breaking up with the girl. The third would be a new love interest after the break up. The fourth was to be separate video, one that is just a high energy fun video strictly performance and paying tribute to old hip hop. 

Be sure to check out the video here and comment and let us know your thoughts. 



NYC Music Video Producer

Filming in New York can be easy due to the abundance of resources you have access to. On the other hand, it can also be challenging due to the amount of hurtles and precautions that have been put in place to prevent the spread of COVID in New York City since the city has been shut down. It is difficult to get around and even harder to park. Since most people haven’t moved their cars in months, it’s time consuming to find new parking when you go to different shoot locations. There were multiple times where I had to drive around for more than an hour just looking for a parking spot. It also seemed as though the city police officers had even stopped carrying out the typical parking regulations, so people were parked wherever they pleased. At the time of the shoot, I had a rental car and found out the hard way that New York police and city ticketing officers treat locals different than anyone from out of town. I found out that if you have out-of-town plates you’re more likely to get a ticket than anyone with New York plates. In twelve days of shooting, I had racked up over $1,200 of parking violations and tows. The filming for “Absurd” the music video went very smoothly. We booked the location through an app we recommend called Peerspace. The location had a massive projector that covered three whole walls floor to ceiling with hundreds of visuals to choose from, which allowed us to create incredibly unique shots all in one place as you can see from the pictures here.  They had thousands of different images and lightening options that we could choose from, which allowed for endless opportunities for what we could create, so much so, that we actually decided to use the same studio for an additional video, which I will address in another article. The only learning curve was to light someone while the projector was hitting them, since the projector wall is already lit. To to see the projector’s image properly everything has to be blacked out and as soon as you introduce light onto the artist you wouldn’t see the projector as clearly. So, we had to find a solution to light the artist in a way that wouldn’t take away from the projector display. 


Music Video Videographer

For close-up shots, the lighting wasn’t as big of a challenge, but when we pulled out into master shots, it became very difficult to light the subject and create the proper exposure for the projector as well as the artist at the same time. A lot of the fixes came in post production during the color correction process and using a variety of vignettes.  The owner of the location was very helpful in deciding from the thousands of different visuals to choose from. At times though, he was a little too helpful and would change the displays based off what he would think is best, instead of listening to what we had as the vision for the video. Being in music video production, this can be a constant hurdle. Meaning as a music video videographer, you have to pull people back in and help them understand that it’s not always just up to what they think looks best, but it’s what the artist wants and what the team has planned for the artist’s vision. However, it never got to the point that we felt as though we had to scrap the footage or find a new location. It was understandable, the location manager was just excited to help. We also had multiple other people trying to voice their opinion and talking to him so that might’ve confused him a bit. This video was fairly easy to film due to the fact that we were able to film 90%  in one location. The only other location we used was the beginning scene, where the artist and his girlfriend were shown fighting. At that same location, we also used their rooftop for a performance shot. On the rooftop we mostly used drone footage we shot and Stedicam setups. 


The music video has overall done very well as it’s about to hit overall 300,000 views and has only been live for a little over 30 days. Especially, since this is the artist’s first music video. Their next couple videos we produced performed even better due to  the momentum of the first one. We loved working with an artist who was so talented and had so much vision and energy. 

NYC Music Video Producer
NYC Music Video Producer

If you are looking for a New York Music Video Director  or NYC MUSIC VIDEO VIDEOGRAPHER be sure to contact us, you can find our work at the link New York Music Video Director


Also, if you want to see a  different type of our work be sure to check out our other site at the link Music Video Videographer

Toronto Music Video Director

Saad was actually an artist coming in from another country out of the Middle East. Saad had seen our videos online on YouTube and MTV, he told us he loved them and he wanted to fly in to film with us. Being a music video production company, he wanted us to help him tell the story about a close encounter he had with a women where they  both noticed each other, they connecedt and had an amazing time but then at the end of the video we find out this never happened. It was all just a figment of his imagination. He felt these missed opportunities happen to people in life all the time because people are worried about looking good or are trying to avoid looking bad. Because we are a Toronto Music Video Company he wanted to fly over and shoot on the east coast. Even though we are a Toronto Music Video Company we migrated over to NY to film this video. Saad felt that the state of NY is the most iconic out of all the major cities in North America, also the most noticeable to foreigners especially when you’re looking at locations like Central Park and Time Square.  The majority of the shoot was shot in a location called the funky loft, which we found on peerspace. Peerspace is an incredible resource for filmmakers that allows you to search through 1000’s of location, while skipping the huge costs of permits and insurance. It’s also great because more people let you book for a minimum 2 hours saving us as a Toronto Music Video Director a lot of money on the production. This location was great because they had a mixture of different rooms, all with the same type of vibe but looked completely different. All the interior shots we filmed for this music video were in this loft. So the couch scene with the blue wallpaper, the piano, the swing, the stairs, the locker room, the kitchen, the yellow wallpaper and the red coca cola scene were all filmed there. Being a Toronto Music Video Company finding locations like these are gems. We rented the loft for four hours and filmed eight different performance scenes, all which looked unique and different from each other. Saving the production company time and money.

toronto music video director


Toronto Music Video Company

After we filmed at the loft we had three other locations to film at which would take us about 12 hours to film. Even though the exterior shots only make up about one third of this music video it took three hours longer to get that portion filmed. When you’re dealing with exterior locations generally your not getting permits because the costs are through the roof. Generally at minimum you’re looking at $5000 per location. So in most cases we are going to guerrilla shoot at these locations. Most indie artists don’t have that type of budget for exterior shots. Exterior shots also take longer in public places because you have to wait for people to clear away from the space,  you can have people coming up and distracting the artist or just being in their space which can be distracting from giving their full performance. Also you have to take into consideration continuity, if you’re at a park and a couple is in that back having a picnic and then two seconds later in the next shot they are gone, that is not going to look right. I always prefer interior controlled environments for these reason and you don’t have to have anyone keeping an eye on your equipment as well in case someone tries to steal it (which has happened to me). There’s a lot of uncontrollable factors  when you’re outside. The weather can be unpredictable, you have the rain, wind, the clouds or the sun can all be troublesome and something you can’t control.

Toronto Music Video Company
Toronto Music Video Company


Toronto Music Video Director

We started our shoot filming at a subway station for the opening and closing scenes. For this scene we had to keep in mind different people were going to be coming on and off the train every 3 minutes, so we made the decision it would be best if we just had no-one there in between trains.  We then went and filmed at Central Park for the cathedral looking performance shots as well as the boat scenes. We then finished with time square. 


Toronto Music Video Company

When dealing with exterior locations I like to capture the scenes that are most important to the story first. You never know if someone or something is going to get in the way of that location. If something does happen at the beggining you have time to adjust but if you save those scenes for last you might have ran out of time and your whole story doesn’t make sense. Also I like to plan my schedule based off of distance apart from the locations. There is no reason to be traveling back and forth to separate parts of the city if certain locations are close to one another. Another thing to keep in consideration is your paid talent. If you are paying for them per day, you want to see if you can get all their scenes done in one day so you don’t have to pay multiple day rates so you save the artist money.  We have offer multiple music video services and those include casting and budgeting. So we do everything we can to save our artists money. For casting our Toronto Music Video Company using websites like CastingNetworks.com or backstage.com and if need be Craigslist. Generally every major city has access to these sites but if yours doesn’t be sure to add all your local acting/modeling Facebook groups. It’s a quick and easy way to find some local talent. Also now a days Instagram has become a great resource for us as a Toronto Music Video Director.


Be sure to check out the video right here. 

Toronto Music Video Director from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo

.Toronto Music Video Director

The video came out great overall, I would probably tell artists to stay away from filming in time square simply for the fact you’re going to have tons of people walking by and they are all going to be looking right into the camera. Also it will be hard not to have people bumping into your talent or the camera. For me I just think it’s too much to deal with and not worth it. 


To see more of our Toronto Music Video Director  work be sure to click the link. 

Also if you’re a Toronto Music Video Company be sure to check out peerspace.com  It’s an incredible tool for finding locations or if you are in any other city this is a must have tool. 




Los Angeles Music Video Director

You will always have an abundance of competition as a Los Angeles Music Video Director or Videographer. However, with that competition comes high demand from vast clientele. LA is the hub for filming, with New York City coming in at a close second. The town is overflowing with film projects, television shows, marketing and media companies, musicians, and influencers pushing their social media or business line. The call for content creators shows no sign of diminishing any time soon. Every year, more and more companies are converting their marketing from TV to social media platforms. 

The fastest way to skyrocket your business is to become an influencer: it builds trust in your brand and places you on a platform where people feel privileged and excited to work with you. A viral video can launch your business to the next level. However, if you are not consistent in producing high quality content, you can fade away just as quickly. 

Top music video production companies LA know this, and they do not want to sell you just one video. They want to enroll you in the idea of becoming your constant content creators. A lot of artists or brands are under the impression that one great video will grant instant success. As a music video producing agency, we see this with musicians all the time. Sure, every once in a while a viral video will lead to overnight fame, but generally these expectations fall way short.

Los Angeles Music Video Director
Gordon Cowie Los Angeles Music Video Director

Los Angeles Music Video Director

The artists that I have seen succeed over the years are the ones that generate consistent content. If you put energy and money behind the production and marketing of your content, every video should build more of a following. You want to create an extensive and enjoyable experience for your current fans, as well as future fans who have yet to discover you. Think of a good Instagram account that you just stumble upon and spend hours exploring. What makes them good? What makes you keep scrolling? If you only have one or two videos, you don’t give your potential fan base that opportunity to get hooked. 

The paid promotions on sites like Instagram, YouTube, World Star Hip Hop, and Facebook are going to be one of the biggest factors in helping you grow your audience. One of the main purposes of content production is to reach new audiences; they can’t find you if they don’t know about you. When you tap into the power of advertising, you are taking control of your viewership.  


Los Angeles Music Video Director from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.

Los Angeles Music Video Company

If fame and fortune is your end goal, you have to realize it is not a sprint. Devoting six months of energy and effort may yield some results, but chances are you will burn out before you make any dent in the music industry. It may take five to ten years and over 100 videos to really get your career going. Your dedication will pay off, but you have to be proactive in finding the right resources and be willing to spend the necessary money. 

Collaborating with talent who have larger audiences is essential. When you release that video, you will automatically be exposed to an existing fan base. They are a lot more likely to follow you if you work with an artist that they already listen to. Focus on making songs and adding features with established musicians who are willing to share the song and video on their platforms. 

Established artists may charge $5,000 to get a decent feature, but if that equates to 10,000 new fans, I would say it’s worth it. If you do that 10 times, yes it will be pricey, but your following will take off dramatically. Just take it one project at a time and understand that it will take time and money, so keep your expectations realistic. 

This article has inspired me to make a video of how to get noticed as artists. Being in the industry for ten years has really shown us what works, so be on the lookout for that resource. 


Videography tips

I’m going to start ending these articles with some video tips and hopefully you find some extra value that helps move your career forward. 

Alright, the first one is an editing tip: if your computer is running slow when editing 4k files or any other film files, try bringing all the files on to your actual desktop. If you are editing off of an external hard drive, this will always be a slower route then editing from the actual computer because it’s one extra step the computer has to take.

Because files are so big these days, you will only be able to do one, maybe two, projects at a time. Make sure everything is organized in a folder, this way it’s easy to delete and clean up when done. If your project is just too large or you don’t have enough space, try finding a faster external harddrive, something like a Thunderbolt 2.0 is going to yield way better results than a USB 2.0. Finding faster, easier ways to do basic steps is video production 101. It will help you make more money in less time. Also, make sure when you upload your footage that make proxy files and edit those proxy files. Proxy files are a lot smaller and easy on your system. Just remember to switch it back when you are all done. Hopefully this helps you out if any of this information is unclear and you have additional questions, always feel



Los Angeles Music Video Company
Gordon Cowie filming Los Angeles Music Video Company


Also as musicians we thing the best promoting resource is world star hip hop be sure to reach to them to promote your videos Los Angeles Music Video Company

If you are more interested in the how to’s of filming and the film side of thing be sure to check out our other site Los Angeles Music Video Director

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A mockup of Lyla movie poster

Lyla | Offical Trailer

Here is the official movie trailer and poster for our film “Lyla”. This has been a four year journey and […]
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