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Toronto Music Video Director

Saad was actually an artist coming in from another country out of the Middle East. Saad had seen our videos online on YouTube and MTV, he told us he loved them and he wanted to fly in to film with us. Being a music video production company, he wanted us to help him tell the story about a close encounter he had with a women where they  both noticed each other, they connecedt and had an amazing time but then at the end of the video we find out this never happened. It was all just a figment of his imagination. He felt these missed opportunities happen to people in life all the time because people are worried about looking good or are trying to avoid looking bad. Because we are a Toronto Music Video Company he wanted to fly over and shoot on the east coast. Even though we are a Toronto Music Video Company we migrated over to NY to film this video. Saad felt that the state of NY is the most iconic out of all the major cities in North America, also the most noticeable to foreigners especially when you’re looking at locations like Central Park and Time Square.  The majority of the shoot was shot in a location called the funky loft, which we found on peerspace. Peerspace is an incredible resource for filmmakers that allows you to search through 1000’s of location, while skipping the huge costs of permits and insurance. It’s also great because more people let you book for a minimum 2 hours saving us as a Toronto Music Video Director a lot of money on the production. This location was great because they had a mixture of different rooms, all with the same type of vibe but looked completely different. All the interior shots we filmed for this music video were in this loft. So the couch scene with the blue wallpaper, the piano, the swing, the stairs, the locker room, the kitchen, the yellow wallpaper and the red coca cola scene were all filmed there. Being a Toronto Music Video Company finding locations like these are gems. We rented the loft for four hours and filmed eight different performance scenes, all which looked unique and different from each other. Saving the production company time and money.

toronto music video director


Toronto Music Video Company

After we filmed at the loft we had three other locations to film at which would take us about 12 hours to film. Even though the exterior shots only make up about one third of this music video it took three hours longer to get that portion filmed. When you’re dealing with exterior locations generally your not getting permits because the costs are through the roof. Generally at minimum you’re looking at $5000 per location. So in most cases we are going to guerrilla shoot at these locations. Most indie artists don’t have that type of budget for exterior shots. Exterior shots also take longer in public places because you have to wait for people to clear away from the space,  you can have people coming up and distracting the artist or just being in their space which can be distracting from giving their full performance. Also you have to take into consideration continuity, if you’re at a park and a couple is in that back having a picnic and then two seconds later in the next shot they are gone, that is not going to look right. I always prefer interior controlled environments for these reason and you don’t have to have anyone keeping an eye on your equipment as well in case someone tries to steal it (which has happened to me). There’s a lot of uncontrollable factors  when you’re outside. The weather can be unpredictable, you have the rain, wind, the clouds or the sun can all be troublesome and something you can’t control.

Toronto Music Video Company
Toronto Music Video Company


Toronto Music Video Director

We started our shoot filming at a subway station for the opening and closing scenes. For this scene we had to keep in mind different people were going to be coming on and off the train every 3 minutes, so we made the decision it would be best if we just had no-one there in between trains.  We then went and filmed at Central Park for the cathedral looking performance shots as well as the boat scenes. We then finished with time square. 


Toronto Music Video Company

When dealing with exterior locations I like to capture the scenes that are most important to the story first. You never know if someone or something is going to get in the way of that location. If something does happen at the beggining you have time to adjust but if you save those scenes for last you might have ran out of time and your whole story doesn’t make sense. Also I like to plan my schedule based off of distance apart from the locations. There is no reason to be traveling back and forth to separate parts of the city if certain locations are close to one another. Another thing to keep in consideration is your paid talent. If you are paying for them per day, you want to see if you can get all their scenes done in one day so you don’t have to pay multiple day rates so you save the artist money.  We have offer multiple music video services and those include casting and budgeting. So we do everything we can to save our artists money. For casting our Toronto Music Video Company using websites like CastingNetworks.com or backstage.com and if need be Craigslist. Generally every major city has access to these sites but if yours doesn’t be sure to add all your local acting/modeling Facebook groups. It’s a quick and easy way to find some local talent. Also now a days Instagram has become a great resource for us as a Toronto Music Video Director.


Be sure to check out the video right here. 

Toronto Music Video Director from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo

.Toronto Music Video Director

The video came out great overall, I would probably tell artists to stay away from filming in time square simply for the fact you’re going to have tons of people walking by and they are all going to be looking right into the camera. Also it will be hard not to have people bumping into your talent or the camera. For me I just think it’s too much to deal with and not worth it. 


To see more of our Toronto Music Video Director  work be sure to click the link. 

Also if you’re a Toronto Music Video Company be sure to check out peerspace.com  It’s an incredible tool for finding locations or if you are in any other city this is a must have tool. 




Los Angeles Music Video Director

You will always have an abundance of competition as a Los Angeles Music Video Director or Videographer. However, with that competition comes high demand from vast clientele. LA is the hub for filming, with New York City coming in at a close second. The town is overflowing with film projects, television shows, marketing and media companies, musicians, and influencers pushing their social media or business line. The call for content creators shows no sign of diminishing any time soon. Every year, more and more companies are converting their marketing from TV to social media platforms. 

The fastest way to skyrocket your business is to become an influencer: it builds trust in your brand and places you on a platform where people feel privileged and excited to work with you. A viral video can launch your business to the next level. However, if you are not consistent in producing high quality content, you can fade away just as quickly. 

Top music video production companies LA know this, and they do not want to sell you just one video. They want to enroll you in the idea of becoming your constant content creators. A lot of artists or brands are under the impression that one great video will grant instant success. As a music video producing agency, we see this with musicians all the time. Sure, every once in a while a viral video will lead to overnight fame, but generally these expectations fall way short.

Los Angeles Music Video Director
Gordon Cowie Los Angeles Music Video Director

Los Angeles Music Video Director

The artists that I have seen succeed over the years are the ones that generate consistent content. If you put energy and money behind the production and marketing of your content, every video should build more of a following. You want to create an extensive and enjoyable experience for your current fans, as well as future fans who have yet to discover you. Think of a good Instagram account that you just stumble upon and spend hours exploring. What makes them good? What makes you keep scrolling? If you only have one or two videos, you don’t give your potential fan base that opportunity to get hooked. 

The paid promotions on sites like Instagram, YouTube, World Star Hip Hop, and Facebook are going to be one of the biggest factors in helping you grow your audience. One of the main purposes of content production is to reach new audiences; they can’t find you if they don’t know about you. When you tap into the power of advertising, you are taking control of your viewership.  


Los Angeles Music Video Director from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.

Los Angeles Music Video Company

If fame and fortune is your end goal, you have to realize it is not a sprint. Devoting six months of energy and effort may yield some results, but chances are you will burn out before you make any dent in the music industry. It may take five to ten years and over 100 videos to really get your career going. Your dedication will pay off, but you have to be proactive in finding the right resources and be willing to spend the necessary money. 

Collaborating with talent who have larger audiences is essential. When you release that video, you will automatically be exposed to an existing fan base. They are a lot more likely to follow you if you work with an artist that they already listen to. Focus on making songs and adding features with established musicians who are willing to share the song and video on their platforms. 

Established artists may charge $5,000 to get a decent feature, but if that equates to 10,000 new fans, I would say it’s worth it. If you do that 10 times, yes it will be pricey, but your following will take off dramatically. Just take it one project at a time and understand that it will take time and money, so keep your expectations realistic. 

This article has inspired me to make a video of how to get noticed as artists. Being in the industry for ten years has really shown us what works, so be on the lookout for that resource. 


Videography tips

I’m going to start ending these articles with some video tips and hopefully you find some extra value that helps move your career forward. 

Alright, the first one is an editing tip: if your computer is running slow when editing 4k files or any other film files, try bringing all the files on to your actual desktop. If you are editing off of an external hard drive, this will always be a slower route then editing from the actual computer because it’s one extra step the computer has to take.

Because files are so big these days, you will only be able to do one, maybe two, projects at a time. Make sure everything is organized in a folder, this way it’s easy to delete and clean up when done. If your project is just too large or you don’t have enough space, try finding a faster external harddrive, something like a Thunderbolt 2.0 is going to yield way better results than a USB 2.0. Finding faster, easier ways to do basic steps is video production 101. It will help you make more money in less time. Also, make sure when you upload your footage that make proxy files and edit those proxy files. Proxy files are a lot smaller and easy on your system. Just remember to switch it back when you are all done. Hopefully this helps you out if any of this information is unclear and you have additional questions, always feel



Los Angeles Music Video Company
Gordon Cowie filming Los Angeles Music Video Company


Also as musicians we thing the best promoting resource is world star hip hop be sure to reach to them to promote your videos Los Angeles Music Video Company

If you are more interested in the how to’s of filming and the film side of thing be sure to check out our other site Los Angeles Music Video Director

Washington Music Video Company

Embarking on the music video director path provides you with immense travel opportunities to an array of locations that you may have never previously considered. Even within the United States, the career gives you reason to explore major cities and landmarks across the country. Based in Washington State, our Washington Music Video Company occasionally pops up in a Google Search by artists in Washington D.C. Pictured below was one of our two adventures to Washington D.C. to shoot with YouTube sensation, Steven Sharer. The brilliantly animated teen has racked in over eight billion views and over eight million subscribers. 

As a Washington Music Video Company, we knew the video was going to gain some attention just for the fact of how famous are client was already. This shoot was particularly unique because Sharer already has an entire video team in place. They are responsible for producing and posting regular content to his page, so they are well acquainted with his style. In addition, he had already recruited the entire cast of actors for the video. Sharer is also notably successful; his home and slew of luxury cars made for a convenient and appropriate location. 

His home is decorated with a zip line leading from the house to a sizable pool, embellished with several water slides. His yard is filled with robust inflatable bounce houses. For this project, much of my job was already done for me; I just had to show up and shoot. My only stressors were the scorching sun and the potential of a camera getting wet.

Washington Music Video Company
Washington Music Video Company

Washington Music Video Director

While much of our job was done for us, efficiency and productivity sometimes suffered. With close to 50 people total on set between on and off screen talent, distractions were abundant. Little things can take more time, like breaks for the bathroom and food. 

For this reason, I much prefer a smaller crew and set. It is significantly easier to keep a small group motivated and focused on the task at hand. Also, it helps you avoid any unwanted attention from bypassers. 


Washington Videographer

Below you will find the video we did with Steven Sharer. The video has now reached 120 million views on YouTube, we are just late to the party and just now getting to posting it on Vimeo. 

Washington DC Music Video Director from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.

Washington Videographer

As stated above, this video was extremely fun and I was fortunate in that a lot of the hard work was done for me. With that being said, I enjoy putting videos together where I have an opportunity to craft a concept, and then work with the artist to shape the vision. It always surprises me how many artists are stuck on a particular concept for a video. While the visuals should reflect their work, this closes a lot of doors in terms of creative possibilities, and often fails to consider the technical realities of producing a music video. 

However, at the end of the day, it’s more about making the artist feel like they got what they asked for and helping them enjoy the creative process. 

As a videographer, reviews, especially word-of-mouth advertising, are essential. You always want to leave your artist thrilled. Throughout the production process, you have to balance making them feel heard, while still maintaining control of the overall project and letting them know what does and does not work. It is still your name on the video. The trickiest part of making that happen is getting inside the artist’s head and truly understanding what they are looking for. When a new artist contacts me and tells me about their vision, I ask them to send over a few other videos that they feel represent what they are trying to accomplish. The more planning you can do before the shoot and mapping out the vision, the more you will be certain you and the artist are on the same page. You don’t want to leave an artist confused when they see the finish project. This happened to me once, early on in my career. There was clearly  miscommunication and it was a lot of extra work to clean up. We actually ended up having to do a re-shoot and it cost a lot of extra time and resources. It was a huge headache so it stuck with me and I made sure it never happened again. 

Washington Music Video Company
Washington Music Video Director

Washington Music Video Company

Being a Washington Music Video Director and Washington Videographer is amazing because there is an abundance of talented artists in Seattle, Washington and all throughout the state. Your team may very well get picked up by an artist in Washington D.C., to which I strongly encourage you capitalize on the opportunity. The city is absolutely beautiful and there is never harm in expanding your network. 

We have an expansive following in Washington State, and are constantly presented with video production opportunities there. Some of my best work has come out of Washington State, largely because the weather is consistently cloudy. Overcast makes for perfect filming conditions because the clouds mellow out the light from the sun, acting as a natural diffuser. Your job in color correction will be a lot easier: you shouldn’t have any shots blown out or over exposed. Just be sure to check for rain in advance. Overall being a Washington Music Video Director and Washington Videographer has some cons with the weather but those same cons provide the pro’s. My ideal exterior location to film is a place that doesn’t get too hot and it’s cloudy often. Also why I choose to work in Washington is the amount of creative. If there is any topics you would like for us to talk about in or articles please let us know through email. Hope you enjoyed this article and happy filming. 

If you are more interested in the film side of production and want to see what movies we are making, be sure to check out our movie page linked below.

Film Video Production

Or if you looking for more commercial corporate work be sure to go to our corporate video page

Corporate Video Production

You can see all of their videos on Youtube here

Washington Music Video Company

New York Music Video Director

New York is one of our favorite places to film. It’s easy being  a New York Music Video Company because of all the resources you have ate your disposal. You have unlimited amount of talented people willing to work, incredible locations and free exterior locations. When artists come to us their biggest hurdle is always their budget. They are paying for everything out of pocket and have no-one supporting them generally so every dollar counts. When shooting a music video the biggest costs are almost always the locations. Locations can run anywhere from $1500-$10,000 a spot for a day. Luckily there are better resource now with the opening and growth of Peerspace. So a big reason why we love New York is there is no lack of amazing exteriors. It’s a city where you can walk down any street and find something interesting. Also no-one will get on your ass for it. Shooting in LA can get some unwanted attention from security and police officers or even citizens having a bad day and want to cause a problem for you.  In New York it’s as if there are so many people there that they can’t control it so they just kind of let you do whatever you please. Or maybe they are so busy they have no time to worry about stuff like that. The free locations are countless. For this music video we decided to take advantage of The High Line Park. This location is a New York Music Video Director dream. Literally it’s a walking strip with at least 20 useable locations. It’s also super quiet, not a lot of foot traffic for some reason, especially early in the morning. 

New York Music Video Director from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.


New York Music Video Director

Doing music video production in the United States has its perks. One of them being people from all over the world want to come here to shoot. America is known for there movies and music video among many other things. But the Hollywood dream lives here. What’s funny about America, is that if you make it here you pretty much are known all over the world. Our country is really the only place that truly has that effect. There are musicians here who we haven’t heard of for 20 years but they still have no problem selling out stadiums across the world still riding their old hits. Having a music video production team is essential and even having teams in each major filming city is important. Like we talked about a lot of artists don’t have a big budget so not having to fly additional people on their dollar is huge. One airline ticket isn’t that much but when you have 4-5 people that adds up quick. It’s so cheep if I book in advance I usually just cover it myself. 

New York Music Video Company
New York Music Video Company


New York Music Video Company

Fazura is one of the biggest actresses in Korea and she is huge in the fashion world and obviously as a singer. There team was going to be in New York Fashion Week and they had a tight schedule but they wanted to film with us. They had seen our work for years and wanted to connect. This choice was done very last minute and finding a location like the high-line where there is multiple shooting location inside of one location allowed us to save time, planning, and additional costs. She has a big team with her of about 8 people so not having to move 8 people around NY was very convenient. 


New York Videographer

Being a New York Videographer there is never a lack of work. There are people that like to create different video packages for business with a music video price list. I was always against this, I wanted to include everything in one cost. There are some New York Videographer that charge per piece of equipment they use. I’m personally so against this. I own my equipment and I’m not going to bring half of my equipment because they don’t have more of a budget to play with. I want to create the best project possible and why would I ever cheat an artist out of that because they don’t have enough money. Any crew members I’ve worked with that are like this I won’t work with ever again. They are the same people who ask about overtime 6 hours into a shoot. I literally sent a crew member home when he asked me about overtime at the 5 hour and 45 minute mark. I said and no you will be getting overtime and you actually will not be getting your full day rate, you will be paid for 5 hours and 45 minutes. I would never raise my price on a company once the terms are set. If the terms change that’s one thing, but I see these people that get $800 per day for doing a simple job and then on set they ask if they will be given gas money. Funny thing is this only happens in LA never NY. People in NY are hungrier to work you don’t find too many entitled people in New York, in LA they are a dime a dozen on sets. I’m someone who is willing to do 10 jobs if I have the time, I’m there to work, not move a light and sit for an hour and be on my phone. I think this is where Union’s really messed things up, I’m sure it did many wonderful things but it also made a lot of shitty lazy workers who watch the clock and don’t want to go the extra mile. I work on film because I love it and I’m there to get the job done. and we finish when we finish. In summary I love being a New York videographer because of all the resources and willing people to work their butts off.


New York Music Video Director


If are you interested in learning more about our film side of things be sure to check out our other website. New York Music Video Company



Also if your looking for some great exteriors to shoot at be sure to check out most instagrammable locations in NY

New York Music Video Director


Looking for a PA who can take behind the scenes photos/clips as well.

Looking for someone to come out and capture behind the scenes photos and clips of a music video and a film we will be shooting. The shoot will be for 3 days. Jan 30th, 31st and Feb 1st.
Each day will be an 8 hour day. Pay will be $75 for the day.

We will bring a labtop and drop off the footage everyday and pay you cash each day.

Please email [email protected] if interested, do not call.




Looking for a makeup/hair stylist for a music video

Shoot will be on January 30th and January 31st. The pay will be for a $100 a day. You don’t have to be there the whole day, just come and do the makeup and hair then you can leave.

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