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Atlanta Music Video Producer

Atlanta Music Video Producer

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Atlanta Music Video Producer

I really love how the performance shots came out in this music video. It’s amazing how many different types of shots you can get with a black piece of paper, some gels and a fog machine. If I was to re-do this video I would probably do less locations. What I’ve been realizing lately about music videos is you need consistency, with the coloring and lighting. Generally different lighting schemes present the viewer with different feelings, especially when you are jumping from day to night, from reel life to studio shots or from interior to exterior shots. I think that’s why the Tony Reid music video came out so good. The whole video was shot during the day and 90% outdoors. I’ve talked about this before in other articles I think this is a product of trying to do to much, not that any of the shots are bad they just have a different look and it makes the cuts harder on the eye of the viewer. When the cut is hard on eye, the viewer is taking out of the experience and consciously know they are watching a music video now. Overall I’m proud of this video but I know I could do better if I had a chance.


Atlanta Music Video Company

The next city we are expanding is Atlanta, Georgia. We are opening up a Atlanta Music Video Company there becuase there is not a lot of qualified hip hop music video directors in Atlanta.  Atalanta has producer some of the biggest rappers the industry has to offer, such names at T.I, Jermaine Depri, Gucci Maine and Lil Yachty. We are one of the many companies that make music videos but we don’t think any keeps up with quality that matches our pricing.


Atlanta Music Video Producer

There have been some incredible videos that have came out Atlanta.

‘This is another reason why we decided to become a Atlanta Music Video Company. We want to give every city access to great music video production, most artists have to travel out to New York or LA to make that happen and usually that’s way out of their budget. This allows us to grow as directors as well because every city as a major influence in a different way on music and it shows up in the videos.  


If you want to check out everything music based in Atlanta be sure to check out this website  Atlanta Music Video Producer


To keep up to date on all our latest videos be sure to check out our portfolio page Atlanta Music Video Company 

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