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What inspired you to make this song?

So many of us enjoy letting loose and getting our groove on.  I wanted to create a song that inspires just that!  I wrote lyrics that can be applied to that special someone we all have in our lives.  It’s a ‘Riot’ and a Romantic love song at the same time… A Romantic Riot!  

What’s your favorite song you have ever made?

My favorite song I have made so far is Hot Stones, even though I know more people will be drawn to Riot simply because of how fun it is.  My heart is in the emotional songs, but Riot is the next best thing for me because although it’s a fast dance number, I still got to really “sing” it!

What song are you most proud of that you have made?

I am proud of all my songs.  Hot Stones, now Riot, and next ‘Love Crazy.’  They keep getting better, which is my goal!

Why did you choose this song to make a music video for?

This song definitely needed a video to accompany it.  I am a very visual person, so for me it is very important that when people hear the song, they remember all of the beauty the video has to offer.  Through the video, people will remember beautiful scenic Arizona.  After watching the video, I hope fans will forever visualize the amazing ‘LousyRich’ spike bra and the Nazila Couture Indian sparkly top every time they hear the song.  My music and vocal style is very much ‘Hollywood meets Bollywood’ and so is my fashion and look.  So a video was definitely a must!

What’s next for you after this video?

 After this video, I will continue to create music and more videos will follow!

Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?

I make music to inspire people and make them feel good.  Five years from now, hopefully I will have reached many more people through my songs!

Who have been your biggest influences to your music?

My biggest influence is Michael Jackson, not only because he was my personal mentor, but because he is simply the best there ever was.  Whenever I am nervous while at work, I ask myself, “what would MJ do?” and it makes me better!

When did you realize you wanted to make music your career?

When I discovered how much my voice touches people, I decided to create music.  I literally do this for my supporters.

Do you have any advice to young artists that are just getting started? 

The best advice I would give to young artists is to always remain true to yourself.  Compromising oneself is never worth it in the end.  I never have, I never will, and I would advise those after me to be the same way.  Do what you love and know that there is a market for everything and everyone.

Would you do anything different if you could go back in your career? 

 I would do nothing different if I could go back in my career.  Everything I have done has been done whole-heartedly and with 100% effort and hard work.  That’s all I can do, the rest is destiny.  ☺ 


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