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Music Video Directors, “top music video directors” from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo. The Big Struggle of Music Video Directors  … Continued

Music Video Directors, “top music video directors” from Gordon Cowie Films on Vimeo.

The Big Struggle of Music Video Directors 

As a successful music video company that focuses on making music videos out of the greater Los Angeles and Phoenix areas, we have found ourselves swamped with work. The six months that our portfolio has gone without updates has not been due to lack of work, but rather to our enormous lineup of post-production work in need of completion or awaiting release. As our queue of videos to complete shortens, we will be making updates to our site a lot more consistently. As music video directors, we want everyone to see our work and to keep them up to date on the great progress we are making in the evolution of our business. Over these next three months, we plan to do just that and start releasing a video every two weeks to get everyone caught up. Thank you for supporting our work and continuing to watch our videos, it means the world to us. If you are an aspiring artist or have questions about video production our door is always open for questions. We all have to start somewhere and we feel it’s our obligation to help those who ask for help. 


Phoenix Video Production 

Directing music videos has been an amazing experience for us. We started our company in Phoenix four years ago, but found the market calling us to Los Angeles more and more. Of course, this does not mean that we are not busy in Phoenix—we just filmed three music videos in Phoenix in October and are filming another this coming weekend. We know we are not the only Arizona video company but we feel we set ourselves apart by making our videos to the standard of film: cinematic shots with high production value. We do believe we are some of the hardest working music video directors in this region. Be on the look out for more amazing videos from us coming out this month. 



As a company that offers Video Production Services in Los Angeles and Phoenix, we find ourselves wearing many different hats, and as a Phoenix video production company we have been known to direct many different styles of videos.

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Our goal is to help all artists achieve a video of MTV style quality, that will help bring their career to the next level. Without visuals it is hard for fans to connect to artists. Fans always want to get more involved with artists that they enjoy and a music video is a tool that does just that. We work with all different size budgets so don’t be shy to give us a call and ask us what we can do for you. You see more and more artists make it because of the consistency of their videos they put out on Youtube



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