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 5. VentureHarbour for Music Marketing Treat your music marketing ventures as your main source of business. VentureHarbour will help your … Continued

Top 10 Free Band Promotional Materials (Part 1)

Ideally, you want people to know and love your music as much as you do. Band promotion is where fan … Continued

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 5. VentureHarbour for Music Marketing

Treat your music marketing ventures as your main source of business. VentureHarbour will help your business to succeed. They offer you that savvy level of band promotion you have been wanting. The Musician’s Guide gives innovative tools for free artist promotion. VentureHarbour has been utilized by influential music companies for music marketing. VentureHarbour acquires clients they truly believe in. If you’re fortunate enough to catch the eye of VentureHarbour, they will take your music marketing to entirely new levels of exposure. VentureHarbour may be the most powerful promotional tool right now, and it is changing the game of artist marketing and promotions. Definitely worth a look!



4. Blog for Free Band Promotion

This is something that you already know. Blogging is still vital for music marketing and band promotion because it keeps you relevant and searchable for music lovers. A music promotion manager is not the only person who can crush blog posts either, anyone can do this! Keep your blog thriving by maintaining a clean aesthetic and by constantly posting fresh content for video promotion, artist promotion, upcoming shows, photo shoots, fan connections or anything about the music you are promoting. The online music promotion net can easily become confusing but always maintain your blog, it’s simple. Never overlook this form of free band promotion.  Your blog can often be the place where you refer interested people who genuinely desire to know the depth of your artistry and music.



3. Optimize Your Website Homepage (WordPress is free)

Ultimately, your music homepage is what search engines are going to contact first when people google your band or music. Your homepage better be stacked with everything regarding artist promotion and your latest content. If you homepage lacks content, your site hits will suffer. Promotionally, people are going to check out the home page of your music first which is great because it doesn’t cost you anything. Beef that home page up though! Enable people to create a buzz for you by giving them the latest information about your music!



2. Twitter (of course)

Now this is an obvious form of artist marketing and promotion. When used correctly, this form of media is always ideal. What better way to keep in contact with the music aficionados and music labels you’ve already made impressions on by staying relevant to them. Music video promotion on twitter is always non-stop for new artists. Get your video shot and promote it on twitter to really cast out your net for a bigger fan base. Staying on top of this will be rewarding for all-around artist promotion and band promotion. Tweet, hashtag and retweet everything related to what you are creating! Shout out to artists you aspire to work with, venues you want to showcase at and labels you want to sign. Sparkle and bait is what Twitter can be for you. It’s absolutely free music marketing. Get people to glance, see your name and then draw them in with your killer sound.



1. Submit Music to Music Blogs FOR ARTIST PROMOTION


Google “music blogs” and see for yourself the thousands of music blogs that are in existence today for the sole purpose of band promotion. If you’ve ever wondered what the missing key was to really “Promote My Music”, these writers and blog creators are the answer. Websites to promote music are different from music blogs because these music blogs have avid fans and followers who rely on these sources to dish them the freshest and trendiest music. These music marketing blogs have everything for all genres as well: rap artist promotion, indie artist promotion and plenty of unsigned artist promotions are happening every hour and every post. Music producers, especially independent ones, are making a space for themselves to be discovered. Artist promotion is what these blogs are striving to do every day as they seek out new music to share with their followers so you’ve just got to let them know who you are! These blogs are the equivalent of a promotional video and they will really allow for music discoverers to find your music! Let people discover you and love what you are creating. Examples of these blogs are endless and their editors are always looking for fresh content. Send your soundcloud content over to as many of these blogs as you can find and see what happens. Promotion, promotion, promotion and it’s all for free. Even consider to see if you’re willing to give these sites and the future finders of your music a free download.  Some of my favorite multi-genre music blogs include: The Kollection, Big Green Beats, Earmilk and Sunset in the Rearview. (Links Below)





Music Blogs  (Free Music Marketing):


Big Green Beats



Sunset in the Rearview



The Kollection








Kelsey DeGideo


Ideally, you want people to know and love your music as much as you do. Band promotion is where fan bases form but without successful band promotion your music will be nothing more than a hobby. How to market a band for free is something you can learn as an artist without relying on management and costly promotional series.  Soundcloud’s band promotional materials cannot be your only option in this sprawling industry though, especially since new mediums to promote your music are popping up everywhere. Diversify your band promotion tactics, seek out recognition at all levels of social media. To really launch your promotional mix you must get on the radars of your future fans, labels, festivals, tours and management companies. Get the buzz started so people really see and hear what you are creating. Promoting your music, especially when you’re not being managed by a band promotion company, should not leave you with a starving budget. The opportunities for free promotion are everywhere, all you have to do is know where to start.  Here are some fresh tips on what bands and musicians should be utilizing if they really want to make waves in this industry.


10. Stageit.com Band Promotion


This is uniquely new considering it’s one of the pioneers in online venues. Promotional materials like Stageit.com give bands and musicians an entirely new culture to promote themselves in experiential ways unlike any other tools. If your looking for a tip for unsigned band promotion, Stageit.com may just be your free ticket to reaching audiences you would usually be limited from reaching. Artists can host free, live-streamed shows using this app. Promoting your music has never been more interactive and raw before this. Musicians are able to interact with the people who are discovering them using this online venue app and then these fans can continue to finance artists they have connected with. This seems to be the ideal platform for free band promotion for any type of artist trying to make waves.


 9. Bandwagon.com Promotional Materials


A transparent and new approach to the band promotion process is what Stan Mcleod, cofounder of Bandwagon, created when he helped launch this band promotion site. Promoting your band through bandwagon has proven to be one of the most innovative ways in Europe to book gigs and make contact with promoters that are looking for new artists.  The gig booking site, Bandwagon, is a platform where promoters can speak directly to the artists and it has given the service sustainable and clear cut means to this often chaotic service.


8. Midem’s Festival Promotional Mix


This band promotion geared event could completely change your career, so why would you pass up the opportunity to simply apply and get yourself in on this promotional mix? Submit a band promotion letter and start applying for opportunities that are completely free. Midem has been creating a space for the business side of music to directly communicate their political and legal forms of music distribution since 1967. New artists are being put on huge stages because of this promotional material event which is essentially a tradeshow for music. It focuses on promoting new artists to agencies and labels that may have never been able to discover them without this event. Midem is a defining  opportunity you must explore when seeking to promote your music!


7. Reverbnation


With the abundance of online band promotion, Reverbnation will be the necessary tool to help manage all of your different media and profiles for your music.  For producers and independent labels seeking raw talent and fresh sounds, Reverbnation is the leader in free  promotion among the other band promotion sites. Reverbnation band promotion is free and it will expose your music to labels, music video production companies and venues you might not usually be able to market. You can further create promotion by creating content for your fans (e.g. exclusive songs) and get your fans to form street teams to create viral promotional series. There are numerous options that this resource provides, you will simply have to determine which ones are best suited for your fan bases. With labels, managers, venues and tours all using this tracking tool it would be a great investment to get your free promotion through this mean.


6. Last.FM Promotional Mix


Upload your music to Last.FM and you will automatically be reaching 55 million people for free! Last.FM is the staple free website for music promotion. Enough said.




Our latest music video production was created with a New York Native artist named Linkz with his new hit single Kick Rocks. The hit is getting plenty of views and plenty of air play.

Production Companies NYC

Linkz contacted us from NY and wanted us to meet him in LA to film a music video. He had seen our video “Ferocious” (from one of our other artists, Jedward) and wanted a  video with a similar color scheme and “feel,” which was cold and raw. Having worked in music video production for quite some time now, one of our big challenges can be finding unique locations that have similar looks to other videos but offer a completely unique thematic base. That can mean a lot of scouting, which can also mean a lot of driving! Sometimes you never find what you are looking for. We were very fortunate on this shoot because we found two great locations within just a day of scouting that were completely original to us and fit what we were planning to do. Our first location was Murphy Ranch, which is actually an old Nazi camp located in the heart of LA. If you want to find the location, the address  is: Sullivan Fire Rd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. Expect to hike about 20-30 minutes to reach it because the location is actually off of a mountain trail, and there is no parking by the location itself. Once you get to the mountain’s gate, it’s still about another 15 minutes from there. Our advice is to pack lightly! Don’t bring a lot of equipment. We actually found the site using a great video producer resource called Tom Explores LA. We have included the link at the bottom of the page. 


Music Video Production

Our second location actually had been used it multiple Hollywood blockbuster movies. The most recognizable movies filmed there have been Terminator 2 and In Time. The location is part of the LA River and can be found at the 7th Street Bridge at 2155 E. 7th Street. This is a great location: it really feels like you have ten different locations wrapped up into one here since there are so many different film friendly aspects (the bridge, the train tracks, the warehouse next door, etc.). You are bound to find something you love. 

Linkz is from Brooklyn New York. His father was a former reggae artist, so music was something he was always surrounded by. Linkz now resides in California where he has started his own label, Yanky Boi The song “Kick Rocks” is an inspirational song about the artist and his grind to make it to the top in the music industry.  

If you are looking for music video production or a video producer for any type of video work give us a call today at 480-202-4768, email us at gordon@gordoncowie.com, or go to our contact page by clicking the link: Production companies nyc


If you wish to check out the video producer’s resource of Tom Explore LA, be sure to click the link. This is especially handy if you are a Los Angeles Music Video Production Company: video producer website

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